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Friday, 21 February 2014

What time is it

Today we didn't get out of bed till 10.30, don't know why? It must be the fresh canal air, as we were late getting up we haven't done much today, a bit of food shopping, we also  saw our neighbourColin who  unfortunately   had to come off his boat due to health problem and has acquired a flat in Nottingham, so best of luck to him and his wife in their new home.
So no neighbour on one side until Monday, so the ducks and swans made the most of this by making there selves know, looking for bread.
As said yesterday we are. Looking forward to the Wales game tonight, we have bought a Thai ready meal and a few beers so we can watch later.
Here's a picture of a boat for my great nephew Josh because we know he reads our blog.
See you .......

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Busy with electrics

Hi, yesterday we took a trip to Halfords, to buy an  car radio Arial and speaker cable so that with the help of Mark Hicks, one of our neighbours, who is also a qualified electrician, (if anyone in the Nottingham area ,needs one then contact myself because I can recommend him, )we installed a radio with outside waterproof speakers today,so when Denise and I are on the tiller we can listen to the radio whilst cruising the canals.
He also installed a Stirling battery management unit so we can monitor our battery,when we are back on the waterway system, this measures what goes out and also the amount that goes back into the battery bank, it just will give us an idea of how long the engine needs to be run.

Yesterday I also install a new bow light, as we have got a new cratch cover, so we had to resite it, so we been quite busy over the last few days, the weather has been nice today, almost tropical, but late this afternoon the rain came back.Nothing else to report , but looking forward to watching Wales rugby playing France tomorrow even though it will be on the T.V. And we will be England , so come on Walesssssss.
See you tomorrow Steve 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

On the boat for a week

Hi, and welcome back, to our blog, we are back on the boat, sadly only for a short while after a winter in Cardiff.
Back in October we were unable leave Nottingham due to the river Trent being in flood, so we put ESSENDEE in the marina while we went back home to Wales, where we quiet busy, with painting and decorating the maisonette that we bought, we had a great Christmas Day with our friends Mike and Helen 
So a big thanks to them for putting up with us and feeding us.
A quite New Year was had and the next few months which the UK experienced the most terrible weather for years we stayed cosy in the flat .One bit of bad news is that we had to have one of our cats put to sleep as he was extremely ill.

But yesterday we came back to the boat, every thing is fine and no dramas which is a blessing, we lit the fire and settled down for a cosy night
Today we woke with great intentions of caring out some repairs and renovations, but woke up late and only managed to check our battery bank with the hydrometer, pumped out the bilge and put up a new head lamp and the day was gone.
Firkin the other cat has settled quite well bak into the boat, I think she likes the fire.
Speak to you tomorrow 

Steve N Denise