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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Not much to write about whilst we are waiting for Essendee our narrow boat to be built , we have our house up for sale, though we have no had much joy as yet, so if you are interested take a look and make us an offer :-) .
We also have decided to have a clear out and started to empty our attic of rubbish and stuff which we have accumulated over the years, just don't know where it all comes from ? We now have an half empty loft but a half full garage!!! Hopefully it will go on eBay or at a boot sale or into a charity shop or skip

Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Shell for our boat ESSENDEE
On Monday 18th March 2013 our boat  Essendee will start to be built,the shell already exists but all internal fitting are to be installed, We chose Findlay Properties in Nottingham, the owner Findlay Shakespeare is  also attached to Nottingham Boat Sales which we visited to look at some Narrow boats, as there was nothing to our liking, James who is also one of the owners pointed us to his brothers direction to look at a new boat, which we did and we both liked the design and how it was finished.
We decided that as there was a 55 footer already in the yard that we would be happy with this as we intend to cruise the whole system in the next 3 yrs  after a few visits we with Findlay came to an agreement on the price and have now laid down the specs for the boat .
The design is going to be a reverse layout with the galley at the stern end moving into the living area then a full width  bathroom and a bow end bedroom with a cross over bed. It will be powered by a Barrus Shire 40HP engine, its also going to have installed a 2500 KV a Victron inverter for the electrics, heating is going to be provided  a Webasto 5 Kw  central; heating system , but as a back up we are having a multi-fuel; stove to keep us cosy on those odd cold nights :)We have decided to go for a pump out toilet, we know that this is a controversial topic but Denise  who in the NHS has Been emptying bed pans for 35 yrs and needs a rest :-) .So a pump out it is, there a lot more design to the internal decor of the boat, and when these are completed I will provide picture's  for your viewing.
Inside of Essendee

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hello every one, my name is Denise, I recently retired after working for the NHS for 35 years as a nurse. Well I do know, I feel as if I'm on annual leave at the moment, It feels funny I won't be returning. however, I'm looking forward to our next adventure with my husband Steve and two cats Cookin ans Furkin. We are about to get a narrow boat. we have thought about this for some time, traulling through many narrow boat magazines and the internet getting some ideas on what type of boat will suit our needs. We have chosen a reverse layout, 55 feet in length. So we are able to to cruise most of the waterways of the UK. Next week we plan to finalise the purchase of our boat. We shall share with you what type it is.
The reasons for choosing to get a narrow boat is to focus on something to do and it will give us an opportunity to learn new experiences and skills. both my husband and I are looking forward to this very much