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Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Day in the sun

A merry Christmas Day to everyone,it's a funny Christmas for us this year as we are still in the Canary Island, Lanzarote. The weather today is the best we have had since coming here, so it's up get dressed, breakfast and then off we trot to the local supermarket for some provisions before returning and sunbathing the rest of the day by the pool.
About 1700hrs we head back to the bungalow and get ready for the night out, we have booked Christmas meal in an Italian restaurant on the sea front for 1900 hrs. Once we are dressed and ready to go out we take a stroll with a couple of comfort stop in a few bars on the way, and then arrive at the restaurant, here we have a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings and a nice bottle of rose wine, the meal it's self was better than I expected and was soon demolished,dessert was next and followed by an Irish and French coffee. We then set off to return to our accomadation and that was our Christmas. 
We both decided that we wouldn't buy any presents this year as the holiday was our present, but it was strange not opening anything, but we both know that we can have anything in reason any day of the year, and being in the sun is a much better present.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Another day in the sun

Awoke again to a beautiful sunny morning, the bungalow we are in seems to be damp all the time, we have a heater but the window is soaking every morning, we also noticed that there was mould  come on the walls in the lounge and in the bedroom and every thing felt damp like the bedding and our clothes, so we went to the reception and told them and the result is that we have moved rooms, we now have an upstairs bungalow it's a little bit smaller than the previous one but seems a bit drier.
We spent another day just laying by the pool, which isn't bad for December, we noticed that a few more new tourist had arrived for Christmas week, we then returned to our upstairs bungalow had a nice cooked Sunday dinner, and then we had a bath, something the previous bungalow was missing, we both like our baths so this was bliss, we then settled down for the evening .

Friday, 19 December 2014

A day in the sun

Not really much to write about today, we woke to a cloudless sunny morning, had some breakfast and then moved to the pool area where we  done nothing except read and lay in the sun, we did break for some lunch before continuing our routine, the complex isn't full and with plenty of sun loungers to lay on, a few Brits are here and Dutch and other European holiday makers. Tonight we are heading out for a meal so about 1600hrs we went back to the bungalow, where Denise washed a few dirty clothes out before we showered and got ready for the evening.
We walked down from the bungalow to the seafront, noticing its not as busy as we expected,we stopped in one of many bars that are along the main drag we had a couple of beers before moving down to a restaraunt a little down the way.
The restaraunt is a Tex Mex and we both had the sirloin steak and a bottle of our favourite wine, Sangria de Torres, after our meal we were stuffed so went back to the bungalow watched TV and off to bed .

Thursday, 18 December 2014

A new trip but not on water

The last  couple of months we have been back at home,in  Cardiff, normal duties carried on, housework, shopping and all the other thing that keep a household going, Denise worked a couple of nurse bank shifts, which takes us up to December 14th.
December 14th and we are on our way to the airport on our away to Lanzarote an island in the Canary Islands. our flight was a normal flight no delays or problems, we arrived at our destination  and again no problems at the airport we picked up our suitcase and got a taxi to our accomadation at Puerto del Carmen, the place we are going to call home for the next few weeks is a bungalow at Hyde Park Lane, a little one bedroom bungalow on a holiday complex.
We unpacked and payed a visit to the local store for some provisions went back to the bungalow and had beans on toast and went to bed.

The next day we wake to a lovely sunny morning we take a walk along the coast, it was about twenty years since we been on the island and it changed  a lot, it's a lovely island with lovely beaches and the normal beach restaurant and bars which in one of them we sampled a few of their ales. We then went back to the complex and sat by the pool before returning to the bungalow for the night.
This  seems to be the pattern of the next few days, which is what we want a nice relaxing holiday, will let you know when something exciting happens .....