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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Essendee will stay in Nottingham

The last couple of days we have been at Castle marina due to the River Trent being in constant flood, even though the predicted storm didn't really touch  us at Nottingham the river remains up.
The team in castle marina have been able to accommodate us and the boat will stay here for the next couple of months, so today we became a tourist and visited a few of Nottingham attractions.
The first was a statute of Robin Hood, it didn't look like Errol Flynn,Richard Green or Kevin Cosner.
We then went to the Castle  which isn't that impressive and quiet a disappointment as castles go.
Though the caves that are abundant around the city are quite cool, the castle is mainly a museum and art gallery, there was not a lot about the biggest star Robin Hood, which was another disappointment.

                                                        Denise as Robin
Though the views of the city are impressive from the top.
We then went down the hill from the castle to the Ye old Trip to Jerusalem
which is one of the oldest pubs in England,this is a must visit for any tourist as a big part of the pub is cut into the rock underneath the castle .
We then left the pub after a quick pint, and made our way through the town to Galleries  of Justice  Museum....
This is another well worth paying tourist attraction, it takes about an hour and a half of learning about the courts,jails and punishment of day by gone. Well worth the money

A few of the clients .......

The final punishment 
The gallows last used in 1887
Lucky they Let us out, so back to the boat and some dinner then a night by the fire.



Saturday, 26 October 2013

Waiting for the river

Weather this morning was quiet fine for the time off the year, our battery, water and diesel were all showing low levels, so we set off towards Beeston lock where there was a water point, where we filled up with water, and hopefully to go through the lock onto the river, but it was a no no as the river was still in flood.

Whilst filling up we started to chat a fellow boater about when the river might recede and the level might lower so he phoned a friend who said that today the locks were not going to be opened, and unlikely it will tomorrow, so we decided to return to Castle Marina and moor up with the bonus of having a electric hook up, which should recharge our batteries to full state again.We arrived at the marina and filled up with diesel, bought some gas and coal and paid for a over night mooring.

After mooring we set of for a walk into Nottingham city centre where we had a wander before returning back to the boat for the night, unfortunately it rained in the night,and we know that the river won't be open tomorrow , which in turn is hampering our plans as to reach Wigram Marina which is on the junction of the Oxford and Grand Union Canal by the weekend.

Hopefully Castle Marina can accommodate us for the winter, the chap who organises the moorings at this marina is away and maybe back in work on Monday or Wednesday so we will see........

Friday, 25 October 2013

Back to Nottingham

Today rang Findlay who told us that our boat will be ready, so loaded the car plus the cats and off we set to Nottingham, journey was fine just as the weather was.

Arrived at the boatyard and had a quick chat to Findlay who was busy with a client, so we then went to the boat which Warren the engineer was finishing the service on the engine, the river Trent was in full flow as I turned the boat around so we could moor and load up, which we did, the cats had a little accident during the journey, but couldn't really blame them as it was a long journey.

The waste tank had been renewed to a larger size , almost double the size and a big thank you to Findlay and his team for doing this for us, as said before anyone that requires a boat then please contact Findlay via Nottingham Boat Sales because we can't recommend him enough.

We said our goodbyes to the team at Meadow Lane and set off up the fast flowing Trent and through our first lock back on to the Beeston Canal, then pass all the bars that's line the canal in the city centre, and a quick stop for supplies at Sainsbury's. Our plan was to hopefully get to the Beeston locks and back to the Trent before getting back on the Trent and Mersey canal, but unknown to us the part of the Trent was in flood so no passage though Beeston lock, so we reversed a bit back up, which is by no ways a straight forward exercise, and moored for the night.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Leaving the boat

Today we got up had a quick tidy of the boat before pumping the waste tank, so that Findlay the boat builder can change the waste tank. We travel through the middle of Nottingham before we reach our destination between the two football clubs on the river Trent.

We moor up and then offload, cats included into the car, and say goodbye to Findlay and his crew and depart back home to Cardiff and home for a week while the work is carried out on our boat.

Arrive back home and everything is fine, as we are off the boat I won't write on this blog for a few days, so see you soon ......




Thursday, 17 October 2013

Back to Castle Marina

Weather today is glorious as we leave Shardlow what a change in two days, as we approach the warning lights show that the river is in high flow,but as we approach the lock the river indicator shows green so through the lock and on to the river Trent.

It's like a mill pond, and when we reach the next lock we pair up with another narrowboat, " hot spirit" and go through together.Soon we on the Beeston canal and not long turn into Castle Marina and its great to see familiar faces of Dean,James and Emma, we moor up for the night and after having a chat Denise and I go to the local Beefeater where we had a great meal and a few shandies before back to the boat and sleep.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

It's raining again !!!!!!!

Set off this morning in the pouring rain, leaving our overnight mooring in the village of Willington, we soon pass the village of Findern The  village was named after the lord who resided in the area, Sir Geoffrey de Fynderne, who was present in the Crusades and brought back the Findern Flower.
We then reach Stenson lock which is also the home of the Bubble Inn, we then pass open farmland which is making most of this rain
We then pass Swarkestone which main feature is its 18th C five arch stone bridge which spans the river Trent, it was at Swarkestone that Bonnie Prince Charlie gave up his attempt for the throne of England and returned defeated to Culloden.
"The Cuttle" a summer house of sir Richard Harpur Tudor mansion.
At the next lock we teamed up with narrowboat "Lyra" which made these double locks a bit easier for both boats.we then pass another Weston on Trent before reaching our destination for today Shardlow a delightful canal village which houses the 18th C Trent mill now the clock warehouse.
It's raining a bit 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A drink in the Dragon

Sun was shining this morning so we left our mooring and set off, we stopped to fill  with water briefly before retracing the canal. We pass Burton on Trent again before mooring up outside of Willington a little charming village that hosts three pubs, which one of these we had a shandy "The Green Dragon"before going back to the boat for dinner.
Not really much to write about today only to say that this stretch of canal has its beauty, with open fields,and even Burton like any big towns has its good and bad bits but still an interesting bit of canal. The two big breweries Bass and Marston  in Burton on Trent both run tours, which we unfortunately did take.
Over the Trent on a aqueduct 
Another witty named narrowboat 

Monday, 14 October 2013

Not a washing day

Today it's lashing down again, but we awoke determined to set off, but the phone rang and it was Chris from     ........ Who said he's on his way to install our cratch board.
Our new cratch board awaiting the canvas covers.

He turned up a bit later and it was still pouring down but he managed to fit the board and then took patterns for the covers to be made.
The sky started to get a little bit brighter so we decided to make a move to Arlewash, we had four locks to go through before we moored up.We have visited this lovely little village before, and  made a visit to the local Co-Op for some supplies and another return visit to the chemist for cough medicine for Denise.

Arlewash is pronounced ORLEWASH  and is a corruption of the words ALDER WASH in reference to the many Alder trees which once grew in this area.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Saturday and Sunday


Weather is stinking on both of these days, so we decide to stay put, o not a lot to write about.

We did have an afternoon shandy in the Swan, aka MUCKY DUCK, a nice old traditional pub, with canal memorabilia  decor, so we had a couple and then back to the warm glowing stove and comfort of the boat.

Sunday decided to make a break to Arlewash, but only done two locks and took on some water before we decided to moor up again as the weather was chucking it down, so Sunday lunch early today.   

Lets hope the weather will improve tomorrow finger crossed.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Back to Fradley junction

Left our mooring to a miserable morning tipping down with rain, passing Bishton hall which is now a school

 we then reach the town of Rugeley a town that is recognised by it huge power station, we moor and find that a Tesco was very close so we do quiet a big shop.

We then leave Rugeley and the rain has stopped, we then reach the village of Armitage which everyone should recognise this name, as most of the toilets are made from here.
Loads of toilets 

We then reach lush open farmland before reaching King Bromley , where Lady's Godiva's is reputed to one from, and pass Spode hall 
Spode hall

 we then moor up for the night  just above the lock that reaches Fradley junction.
 We light the stove, and then have dinner and settle down for the night.
Loads of cabbages in the field 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Not far again

What a beautiful morning to wake to, the sun is shining but a bit of a chilly wind, we leave our mooring in Weston upon Trent  and its not far before our first lock is approaching , in 1643 there was a civil war battle close to here , around 200 Cavaliers and Roundheads died here but not one side could claim the victory after both sides were exhausted and gave up,fighting.
We carry on and Great Haywood junction comes into view with the entrance to the Staffordshire and Worcester canal , here we meet up with an Australian couple who we had met up earlier with on another part of the canal and say hello.We think about mooring by here but then decide because the weather is so nice to Peres on for a little while. 
We pass Shugborough Hall and its park, which the guide recommend a visit but we pass and cruise  onwards going pass little Haywood and moor by bridge 70 for the night .

We rang my mum her is quite chirpy and told us all about her new toy, she has bought a mobility scooter , my nieces are calling her Madge after the character from the tv series Benidorm.
I chop some more wood for the stove, and another bit of news is that Denise besides having a black eye has now caught a cold ..... Talk to you tomorrow .
               A kingfisher sitting on a tree stump 
Cooking the cat enjoying the heat...

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Weston upon Trent

Another grey morning but dry even though on the chilly side, not many photos today as memory card was full and I didn't realise till we stopped.
We left Stone and pass the villages of Burston, Sandon and Salt, the canal here pass good farmland, with cattle and sheep grazing in the fields, we have a few locks to operate today but are lucky with other boaters lending a hand. We also pass Aston Marina which is one of the marinas which we might moor the boat over winter, though this is a little to far from our house to travel back on fore.
We moor up at Weston a little village with nice executive housing, it also has a pub of course "theSaracens  Head" though we not going to use it tonight :( 
But a first. Today is that we have lit our multi stove for the first time, and hot it is I will soon be sitting in my underpants not a vision most of you will want to visualise.
Not a lot to write about today , so here's too tomorrow .
Our multi stove 
This truck takes the waste from boats toilets , if you notice it haves characters from Winnie the Pooh
So it's a poo tankπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Another poo picture...................Someone's got to much time on their hands .