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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Crick Show

Hi everyone, off to see our boat tomorrow, it's nearly ready for launching, we are going up and taking a few things , a couple of captain chairs, bedding, crockery and a few other bits a bobs, we will dump these on the boat and then off to Rugby for the night and then off to the Crick-show on Saturday to buy a few bits and bobs.
The boat was supposed to be surveyed today but the surveyor phoned me to tell us that he was unable to complete the survey as the boat builder was still working on the boat,which I was a little bit annoyed about, he is now going to survey it Saturday and the lads in the yard will rectify any problems that he unearths. Hopefuly there will not be anything major and then the boat is to be craned into the water on Tuesday morning and we will then take it for a demonstration cruises and hopefully then it will be ours.
Speak to you soon peeps

The bow 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

No boat as yet😂

Well that's it, we shouldn't be long now before we start our adventure,must say that I'm a little bit disappointed as we were suppose to be on it this week and cruising the waterways in this lovely sunshine but unfortunately the boats not ready . I spoke to Findlay the boat builder who was apologetic and told me that next Friday or Saturday it will be ready,fingers crossed.
A good bit of news is that our house has sold... Hooooooooray, we had an offer from a young couple can't remember the lads name but the girl was  Rachel and who is heavenly pregnant, they are a nice couple and this house will be a great place for them to bring up kids,again fingers crossed, as a sale not a sale to the contracts are exchanged. We also put in an offer on a little maisonette in Cardiff which firstly be a base for us to comet back and to see my mum,with the view of renting it out in the future, all great news but all happening at once,buts that's the norm for us, it's like we don't normally go out, then some friend will arrange  a night out then one my family will arrange something , like buses arriving in pairs.
We have started clearing out and packing things for both moves one lot for the boat and the other for the house.Also we are putting stuff for charity and taking rubbish to the tip, it's just amazing what you collect over the years, and Denise states that we have more computer, television and other cables in our cupboards and  drawers than the national grid have around the country. But I think every man or woman around the country will no that once you throw something out then your sure as hell will need it in the next few days.
Well peeps speak to you soon .....

Friday, 3 May 2013

No more British Telecom

Again apologies for not updating this blog as much as I would like, my excuse this time is that as we are getting ready to spend time on the canal, we have decided to get rid of our home broadband and just to rely on the SIM cards for our iPads, unfortunately I forgot to order them before our broadband was cut off.
Not that I'm not glad to get rid of the broadband, I made the fatal mistake of going back to British Telecom which was a nightmare, it's my own fault I had problems ten years ago with them when our then new house was being connected by them, but last years saga was terrible.
Enough of BT otherwise I will start getting on my soap box, I contacted Findlay by email , who in turn replied telling us that the boat is really taking shape now, with the galley in place and flooring and painting completed, we are really getting excited and can't wait to start our adventure. We have stared to start buying things for the boat and for ourselves, thing like waterproofs torches, Walkie talkies and kitchen stuff.
One worry we have is our cats, cooking and firkin, as said before they are not your normal cats, they are extremely nervous, the sound of thunder or even the window cleaner sends them scuttling under the duvet shaking. We have stuck there cat box in the room where they normally sleep during the day so that they will get use to it, still imthink. that they are going to be manic when we bring them to the boat.
Any way speak,to you soon hopefully with a few pics after our visit to,the boat.