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Monday, 30 September 2013

A lot of locks again

We left our mooring this morning to another fine day and straight into the locks, our first lock did cause us a bit of a problem because the pounds above was quiet low , and I needed to go to the next lock and empty it so we had enough water to carry on once pass this all of the other locks were fine.

The canal here is quiet open with farmland spanning both sides.
We pass Sandbach a market town which again is a salt town, which houses to Saxon crosses in the market place. 

We carry on through more locks and Denise was told that about a week ago the flight was closed as someone had hanged there self in the lock, which is a bit sad.
Under the M6 again and more locks, people calls this stretch " heartbreak hill" bot the old canal boatman know them as Cheshire locks.

We moor up the night at Rode Heath knowing that more locks need to be tackled tomorrow, and sample a shandy in " the Broughton Arms" a nice pub with a nice menu, and back to the boat for dinner .
A lot of youngsters will not know what this. Person does..

Sunday, 29 September 2013

On to the Trent and Mersey

Awoke to another lovely morning weather wise, and had a a bacon sarnie for breakfast and then set off, we did the last lock on the Middlewich and onto the Wardel canal which is the smallest canal on the system, about 100 yds, if you need proof the look at the last or the first bridge on the Middlewich and you can see the evidence on it.
Middlewich is another Salt works town dating back to the Roman times with evidence of this still today 
You could fill your salt cellar up from here ....

We then turned right and back on to the Trent and Mersey and our first lock on this canal only another 69 to do, we done another five locks through a nice stretch of canal and with the sun shining, 

till we reached the village of Wheelock where we took. On water and then moored up, our roast was in the cooker so off we went for a shandy in the funny named pub "Chesire Cheese" and then back for dinner and a quiet night.
Oops......we passed this poor boat that had sunk.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

A new canal to cross off our map

We only had a few beers last night so we awoke quite early and set off from our over night mooring,we turned right at Barbridege Junction and on to the Middlewich canal which was completed in 1833 and link between the Shropshire and the Trent and Mersey canal.

It a pretty canal  passing through lush pastures supporting rich dairy farms, there's only four locks and today we did three of them before mooring, the locks though are all quite deep. 

We did the first two and then stopped by the Venetian marina where we got a few essential provisions. We then passed the village of Church Minshull, though we didn't visit and only saw it from he distance.

We carried on and moored just before the final lock and entrance to the T & M and the took a little walk  an found a Tescos Extra so did a little bit more shopping, before having dinner and a night of telly again.
See you tomorrow .

Friday, 27 September 2013

A short hop

Today we set off, but not very far up the canal today, as far a Barbridge Junction, which is the junction with the Middlewich canal, which is our turning.

It was a really great sunny day  and when we moored we decided to wash and polish the boat so it's gleaming at the moment, bound to rain tomorrow :) I also decided to paint all of the scrapes that I have caused in the last few months.
A few geese in a field........

Because the sun was shining and because we were moored opposite a pub the call was to much, so we went and had a few shandies in the pub garden, where we had a chat with a few fellow boaters .
We then came back to the boat and had a salmon salad for dinner and then  it's going to be back to the pub tonight.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

On the line

Today awoke early and got in the car and drove over to Nottingham, the idea is that because we are now taking the boat back to the builder "Findlay Boats " who has agreed to change the waste tank, which we are extremely grateful for, then we can leave the car in the yard while we make our way to them on the boat.

The journey was a good one and when I reached  Meadow Lane I was greeted by a familiar friendly face, Findlay, who it was great to see, we had a quick chat, but I couldn't stay long as I had a train to catch, actually three of them, one from Nottingham to Derby,the next Derby to Crewe which I had a bit of a wait for, and then Crewe to Nantwich. I haven't been on a train for ages, but I do like a train journey .
Nantwich close links to Wales.

When I reached Natwitch Station I had a little walk back to the boat where Denise was waiting, we had some lunch then Denise and I walked back to Nantwich and had gander around the town, the last time we were here we stayed in the Crown Hotel about thirty years ago at one of old friends wedding.

Nantwich is a pretty old market town, with a 12th century church of St Mary's, and a fair share of half timbered houses and a good shopping area with a few watering holes.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Back on board

Yesterday we left our maisonette in Cardiff and headed back to the marina, our trip home was a productive one, with us buying a cooker and blinds for the kitchen, also moving a couple of cupboards around, we also weeded the front and back paving and numerous other little jobs.
We then drove to the Over Water Marina, just outside of  Audlum, the cats we're ok on the drive back , and soon settled back on to the boat. The boat was just as we left her which is a bonus, I then repaired the washing machine fitting the PCB and with finger crossed switched it on.... Hooray it's now working again so clean washing again. 
We then had  dinner and then went over for a shower before settling down for a night of telly, exciting life's we live.
Today we woke up and done a bit of ironing, before moving of our mooring and heading for Nantwich, the weather wasn't that good this morning,with rain and fog.
Only open fields flank the canal filled with dairy cattle, we carried on and moored up near bridge 85, I then walked back for the car which I drove back, we had some lunch and then went to visit Hack Green Nuclear Bunker.
We had a few hours going around this display and is very interesting and worth a visit if you are near here at any time.
Here a couple of pictures of old computers that more than likely have less power than the average mobile phone .
We then went back to the boat, and proceeded through two locks and onwards to Nantwich where we moored up for the night we are on he outskirts, so no pub for us tonight, just as well because tomorrow I'm going to take the car to Nottingham and then catch the train back to Nantwich, this will mean that for the next couple of weeks we won't need to piggyback the car for a while.
As you more than likely gather we have changed our travel schedule and instead of turning left for LLangollen we are going to turn right and head to Nottingham to have the waste tank sorted out.
I went back to Hack green and picked up the car again while Denise made a chillie for dinner, which was very tasty and soon demolished. Speak to you soon ......

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Decided to go home for a few days

Woke up this morning, and because the marina seemed so quiet and safe we decided that we will go back to Cardiff for a few days, so payed for seven days and packed a few things and the cats and made our way to Wales in the car. It was an uneventful drive back, and when we reached the Maisonette al was well, no bills or surprises which is a bonus. Later on after we unpacked and settled back into normal life we bought a cooker on line as we still haven't got a cooker since we moved in and have been living on micro meals or take always , so tomorrow we should be able to cook.

More than likely wont be writing the blog for a few days as it will not be about our life on a narrowboat , so see you soon.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Audlem locks

This morning we set off early as we had to tackle a few locks 13 off them to be precise, this flight is 15 but we done 2 off them yesterday, first we pass a  canal establishment "the Shroppie Fly " where the bar is an actual narrowboat, not that we had a drink here as it was 9.00 am so onwards to the first next lock, these went quite quickly because we were lucky that boats were coming up as well. 
The flight of locks lie partly in a shallow cutting with fir and pines trees flanking it sides, These locks drop us down 93 ft into the Cheshire county side, when we were on lock 15 the heavens opened.
So we pulled in to Over Water Marina firstly for a pump out (£16.00) and then we decided to stay the night (£10.00)as thought of having mains electric (£1.00) was to much of a pull, so we moored up and connected to the mains, then I went back for the car and brought it to the marina, we then rang my mum and had a chat to her she seemed In good spirit I then had an afternoon on the XBox which was great. The marina had a shower block so we made use of them which was great because even though the boat has a shower we are always aware of the water we use and are very economical so it was great to stand for 10 minutes under the shower, bliss.....
Speak to you tomorrow 
Here's a boat for my mum 
It's name is SKITTY KITTY :-)

Leaving Market Drayton

Today we left our mooring as the weather was fine, actually a very sunny day but with a cold biting wind,we noticed the remnant of the second world war with this pill box that was installed to protect the waterways if the  the Germans ever invaded us.
We then filled up with water, and the started to cruise passed a long line of moored boats and then passed Victoria Wharf and through a cutting which is reputedly haunted before the canal opened up to farmland.

We then reached Adderley Locks  a flight of five, but these were done quite easy as there was boats coming up the lock and plenty of hand to do the locks.
Again open farmland decked our both sides till we came to the start of Audlem locks at a place called Coxbank we decided to do two out of fifteen locks before we moored for the night. I then went back on the bike to pick up the car( my bum muscles are killing me) and whilst away Denise had done some washing, settled down for the night and watched the television. So not a very exciting day but a pleasant dry one.

Here's a couple of boat names that are amusing 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Waiting for the rain

Today we haven't moved as rain is expected but it was quite dry this morning so we took a wander into Market Drayton whose most famous son is Clive of India who was the. First governor of India! The town itself has a few Tudor building around but you can't say it's a pretty town with sadly a lot of empty shops and the ones that are thriving are pound land and the like. Another notable person born near here  was the fascist Oswald Mosley, other wise it does seem that a lot has happened here, unless you know different.
We did a little bit of shopping and then went back to he. Boat where we had a relaxing Sunday afternoon, and the the heavens opened and it rained , so not a lot to Write about today.See you tomorrow 
This was a plaque that we thought was interesting .

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Arrived Market Drayton

Today we woke and left Goldstone saying goodbye to the two couples we met last night in he pub as they were heading the opposite way, we headed through Woodeaves cutting which is an astonishing memorial to the men who built the canal , this deep cutting hewn from solid rock , almost by hand, certainly without machinery.

 We then progressed to Tyrley Wharf this used to be an important overnight mooring for the Shropshire unions carrying boats and there use to be stabling for 22 horses which little evidence of the existence remains. We stopped here for lunch and also so that I could return to Goldstone to pick up the car, I walked as my bum muscles were still aching lucky I did because the tow path through the cutting was very muddy and I would never of cycled through it.

When I returned we had some lunch and then tackled Tyrley locks a flighti of five,here we started to drop down a level into Market Drayton, this cutting after the locks is very dark and damp with ferns and mosses thriving in this shadowy environment. We then moored up at the start of Market Draton which is a present town famous for it market of course which unfortunate for us on a Wednesday, but saves spending some money, we tend to spend a few days moored here as the weather promises rain and high winds for tomorrow.

Whilst here we were feeding these ducks when a few different ducks appeared these are Mandarin ducks and were quite colourful.

We had a curry for dinner this evening and watched telly and off to bed again, see ya


Friday, 13 September 2013

Leaving Norbury

Today we broke our mooring filled up with water and the purchased two bags of coal at £11.65 each the last time we bought coal was when we were first together in the flat a bag use to cost about 50 p or 4 books green shield stamps or a bundle of Cigarette coupons.

Anyway we left Norbury and again no locks today Denise is having a life of luxury, we travel through Grub Street cutting where the canal is enclosed by dense vegetation and under this very high bridge which carries the A519 over it. 
We carry on past the Anchor Inn Which hardly changed in a hundred years, then through Shebdon embankment onto Knighton where the Wharf here was built for Cadburys dried milk factory, 
we then stopped at Goldstone Wharf and moored up I then used the bike to go back to fetch the car, I think that we should of bought the more expensive bike because it was hard going through the muddy footpath and my bum is sore from the saddle and lack of suspension .

We then had dinner and then went to the pub the Wharf Inn where we had a great night after meeting two other boat owners couples Rob and Liz and Chris and Saraha . 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Off to the laundry

Today we got up and went to Telford to do do some laundry as our washing machine is still broke, we haven't been in a laundrette since when we were first married back in the black and white days, so it was interesting, I left Denise in the laundrette while I had a hair cut, the barber was from Egypt so we good chat about all of the temples of his home land which we had seen when we done a Nile cruise.

I then went to Argos to purchase a fireside companion set ( poker and tongs) which I did though not the ones we wanted, I then went. To Halfords as I wanted to buy a bike, I wanted a folding mountain bike, folding so that we could store it in the boat and mountain because of the canal tow paths, unfortunaley these were £600.00 so we went with a the cheaper folding bike at £200.00. 
We then did a bit of food shopping and back to the boat, where after speaking to a few people around our mooring I found out why Our electric wasn't as it should we. The last few day we only had our engine of or about an hour, the trick to keeping your batteries charged is to keep the engine running for about four hours which we have now been doing and the electrics seem to be ok now.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Back to Wales

Today I got up at 0500hrs and set of to Cardiff, it took me about 2.5 hrs and was uneventful , got back to our maisonette checked the mail, had a bit of brekkie and a lovely bath, about the only thing I miss being on the boat.In the mail we had a refund for the electric we used at Upton marina and Deinse had a tax refund which was nice, so I deposit these two cheque in the bank and then went and did some shopping for my mum. Once I finished the shopping I then paid a visit to Mum drooped off the shopping and had a natter with her, she seemed I good spirit and was happy with her new vacuum cleaner.

Left mum and again had an uneventful journey bak to the boat, when I got back Denise informed me that the electric wasn't charging as it should so that evening had no telly so read a book.




Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Norbury Junction

Today we left Gnosall and headed not far down the canal to Norbury junction, again no locks to contend with, but again a pretty stretch of canal .At Norbury this was the junction for the canal to go westward to Shrewsbury but unfortunaley it was closed in 1944 and stays unused. Norbury Junction as pick and span little place where even the bridge is whitewashed, there is  a chanderly here and all the needs of the boat user are taking care of, this includes pump outs, diesel and of course a pub for drinking "The Junction inn"  not that we have used it tonight. 

I also spent the day taking the PCB out of the washing machine and the I ordered a replacement on the phone which should be delivered to our home address in a few days, hopefully this will fix our washing machine.
The burnt out pcb 

Tomorrow I have to be up early as  I will drive back home , to pick up my prescription and also to see my mum .

See ya.....

Monday, 9 September 2013

Picking up,the car

Today we haven't moved as I phoned my sister Kathryn who for the last few weeks has been looking after my car whilst we have been on the canal, so that she could come and pick me up so I can have the car back as I have to go to Cardiff in a few days. Which she did she stayed for a bit of lunch and a chat then she drove me back to her house in Birmingham where I picked up the car and then drove back, where Denise had prepared a curry and rice for dinner which we ate, watched telly and off to bed.

So a big thanks to Kathryn for taking time out to do this for me .....THANKS KATH.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

On to Gnosall Heath with a silent G

This morning we broke our mooring and set of to " Nosall" with no locks to operate today, the canal it's self is mostly open with views across the fields but it does venture through a couple of steep cutting, where one wonders about how hard the navvies had to work to dig out the canal when it was been built, in one of these tree lined cutting we stopped and gathered some free wood, which we can use in the future when it gets colder, and moored up in Gnosall Heath for the night, put our Sunday dinner on and had a lazy Sunday afternoon.
See ya

Saturday, 7 September 2013

No movement today

Today we decided to stay put in Wheaton Aston as tonight we are going to meet our friends for something to eat and a drink. The weather was fine to day a little bit cloudy but the temperature has definitely dropped.we had a walk around Wheaton Aston to visit the shops for a few provisions, it's a pretty village again, though no thatched houses here, as in 1777 there was a great fire which devastated the village,and since then,even though they produced the best wheat in the area hence the name of the villages another roof was never thatched.

In the evening we met up again with Mike,Kim and Nathan in "the Hartley arms " and had a great meal, drink and a chat. The meal at this establishment was particular good and again I would definitely recommend stopping here in this pleasant pub.

Our friends went of home and we went back to the boat and bed, see ya


Friday, 6 September 2013

Leaving "The Brood"

Today the weather is stinking, its pouring down with rain its a shock after the last few weeks of lovey sunshine weather, but we must break our mooring as we were only  permitted to stay in Brewood for 48 hrs but we also desperate  for a pump out.

We only moved on to the next village Wheaton Aston which fortunately had a pump out station, which was Canal and River Trust self pump out station which was a first for us but posed no problems.
We then moored up and baton down the hatches to sit out the rain, which stopped  in the early evening. We decided not to go out tonight so it a telly night and early to bed.

Wheaton Aston  is also one of the few places in the country where the very pretty but very rare Snake’s Head Fritillary, known locally as Folfallarum, grows wild with the village also being the most northerly place it grows. When the plant grew prolifically, it became an annual event for the villagers to pick the flowers on the first Sunday in May. Now the flower grows undisturbed in Mottey Meadows which is in the care of English Nature.